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Tomas Bublis | Bring Together Lithuania alumni

Tomas Bublis | Bring Together Lithuania alumni

The application period for "Bring Together Lithuania" summer 2023 is now open! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Apply at Why is it worth participating? Listen to our alumni Tomas Bublis, who interned at Sostinės Krepšinio Mokykla (the Capital Basketball School). "During the Bring Together Lithuania program, I got a lot of professional experience and visited many places in Lithuania that I hadn’t seen when traveling with my parents. Being in Lithuania alone, I experienced it completely differently and realized how much progress this country has achieved since my last visit. Starting from the people to the abundance of opportunities for jobs and good life, I was surprised to see how much progress this country has made. Bring Together Lithuania is different from other internship programs since it is not only work but also a cultural experience you get. Bring Together Lithuania allows one to travel Lithuania, explore ancestry and work simultaneously. It is truly an exceptional opportunity to grasp your Lithuanian roots fully, and it feels fantastic to understand oneself better." The "Bring Together Lithuania" program invites students and recent graduates of Lithuanian descent to gain professional experience and rediscover modern Lithuania. The main goal of the 6-week internship program is to provide the youth of Lithuanian descent with opportunities to acquire professional skills, meet global Lithuanians and leaders from all over the world, and explore Lithuanian identity. The program is initiated and supported by the Kazickas Family Foundation, supported by the Lithuanian Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, "Global Lithuania".
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